Audience Response Systems

TurningPoint is the premier voting / response / classroom system
Whether in the classroom or corporate meeting environment, TurningPoint has the answer

TurningPoint LCD Keypad and ReceiverTurningPoint LCD Keypad and ReceiverTurningPoint LCD Keypad and ReceiverTurningPoint LCD Keypad and ReceiverTurningPoint LCD Keypad and ReceiverTurningPoint LCD Keypad and ReceiverTurningPoint LCD Keypad and Receiver
TurningPoint is a full-featured PowerPoint Plug in.  What that means for you is that you have full creative resources to design the presentations that show off your corporate identity or just have fun.    

TurningPoint was created with the classroom in mind.  In that sense it has evolved into one of the most complete, functional, feature-rich interactive response systems on the market today.  In addition, it is one of the easiest programs to setup and operate.  If you can build a PowerPoint deck you can create an interactive presentation with TurningPoint software and keypads.  Of course, with all this power comes complexity as well.  That's where JIL Technologies comes in.

We have been creating, setting up, operating and training TurningPoint presentations since 2004.  We will work with you via remote conference / webinar to assist you with your design and expectations for the system.  You supply the questions and response choices and JIL Tech will build and test the decks for you. 

With the latest release of Turning Point Software, we now have full mobile device and web capabilities.  What this means is that we now can offer expanded polling functioanlity with the use of your participant's mobile devices (tablets or smart phones) as well as providing these devices for you.  The web-enabled software means that not only can your attendees who are physically present in the meeting venue participate, but others from anywhere in the world can log in and participate with you remotely.

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  • Medical / CME
  • Business Meetings
  • Corporate Elections
  • Associations
  • Games and Entertainment
  • Education and Training
  • Trade Shows / Sales Meetings
  • Focus Groups & Research
  • Religious / Non-Profit Organizations


Mobile PollingTurning LCD Keypad

Turning Technologies standard LCD RF keypad

Mobile Device functionality now allow use of your own smart-devices or we provide them for you